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Scheffer in the struggle for innovative machinery to enable product development!

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Scheffer is a structure that we have established in the name of organic meeting with our domestic market producers in this process that we started with It is the sharing point of the gains and advantages gained through export. Scheffer stores are a platform where production and field experiences in many countries are mixed. It is an innovation struggle on the way with its benefit-based vision.

As Scheffer, the basis we have adopted in the production process is;

To produce superior quality products by making fertilizers that cannot be produced under normal conditions possible with know-how, technology and machinery.  To synthesize the actives used throughout the world and make them into domestic production. For agricultural use in the world the newly studied assets are currently used in agriculture to ensure the gain.

 Scheffer Gaze ! 
TeWhen we say technology, the first thing that comes to Scheffer's mind is; It is the concern of changing an available raw material into a more useful form.

While the raw material sources are the same throughout the world, it is the processing technology that creates the quality difference in the products. A quality and corporate brand primarily invests in production R&D projects before packaging and shipping technology. The benefit of this is a specially designed process and machine park. As Scheffer, our priority is exactly like this. It has a team and machinery park that implements the processing technology it has developed in-house. In liquid or powder production, no product enters the production process as it is received. It cannot be put into production without purification in liquids and micronized sizing in powders.

The point where companies leave is production technology. The factor that determines the size of the companies is not the place, the vehicle or the number of employees, but the technology.

In this way, they cannot be imitated. 

As Scheffer, we always keep the 'what should be next' thought alive in the back of our minds. In the light of the results from the field, we take great pleasure in doing R&D and applying the new technologies we see in our travels.

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