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Pheromon Konakci

Scheffer aims to protect the plants by natural means by applying it to the host state by applying it on the vegetables grown by means of the compound that he tries to obtain from the extracts of the plants that are only grown in Turkey and that are not visited except for the pradator insects, and his studies for this continue. The machinery that will enable this process has been produced, and field trials will begin soon.

This experiment did not yield the desired results.

Nano Technology and Etheric Oil Project

Scheffer combines organic oils obtained by distillation with natural stone minerals and produces natural pesticide continues to work for the product of the struggle. Bringing together the previous experiences, etheric oils will be enriched with natural minerals or silicon and brought together under low pressure, and a nano product will be obtained while providing physical suspension suspension by passing you through nano grinders after form arrangement. While this nano-mixture increases the effectiveness of essential oils, the natural nano-structured crystals will make the plant surface invulnerable to pests. It will be an ideal alternative for summer and winter oils used in the season. At the same time, it will provide long-term protection in greenhouses or open areas.

This experiment did not yield the desired results.

Encapsulation Insect

Scheffer has come to the end of a project that introduced the method of encapsulation in pest control and working towards this goal.  The pests on the applied surface were quickly encapsulated and isolated from the environment and the ex process was carried out. It has taken a strong step in the field of biological control, which could not develop resistance with 100% result in international applications. 

This project product can be found in stores under the trade name APLICA.

Public Order Bacteria

Whichever species is suitable for the micro-organism population in the soil according to the current environmental conditions, that population becomes dominant. The fact that one population is more than the other population disrupts the soil nutrient synthesis balance. In cases where the amount of security bacteria that maintains this balance is low, the balance gets out of control.

Pseudomonas fluorescens:

The provider of this balance comes to the fore as the security bacteria.

It has started to actively use this bacterial group, which it procured in cooperation with Scheffer, in its products.

Antillean Fungal NPK

Scheffer covers the foliar fertilizers he plans to produce with disinfectant.antifungal is working to add the feature. With this study, which will reduce the cost and labor, it aims to facilitate cultivation.

This project is actively used in Scheffer 9.51.5 / 3.9.39 / 13.17.17 products

Purivik Acid​ Scheffer aims to start the production of the product PYRUVICACID, which can be semi-digested energy for plants, soon. It has completed the first production and has received positive field feedback. After completing the second and third stage, it will be available for sale. Production of this product has been completed. Then potassiumpyruvat ​production was carried out

This project was finalized and potashympyruvat was produced. It is used in the production of our product called Cellfix.
Shock Fruit Enlarger & florist

Scheffer has been working for a long time on ingredients that can produce immediate results by processing and reacting active groups at stable temperatures and vacuum with a turbulent mixer. The fact that this product has a gel consistency and organic additives from Izel will ensure that it is an effective product at all times.

At the end of this project, ABACUS BLOOM and ABACUS LARGE were offered for sale as final products. Soon, it will start selling in our store.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.59.40 PM.png
Poly Glutamic Acid​ Scheffer has completed the semi-process for the production of PGA (poly glutamic acid) used as a rooting agent and saluting metal salts. The first product will be purchased in mid-June and field trials will begin.

This product is commercially available from the raw materials section of the site.
Thirst Resistance

It's very hot in the African deserts We targeted the plants that managed to survive without water under these conditions. We fermented the bacterial cultures we obtained from these plants by multiplying them in a nutrient medium in Turkey. We will evaluate what can be done for the future by collecting data from field trials. We continue with the hope that the results of our studies will be positive.

Nano Particle

Scheffer offers the liquid products in its production for sale after passing it through NANO shredder units. Particle diameters are 1 micron and below.

Fertilizers can be taken over 90% is in shape.

Electrically Loaded Fertilizer

Within our engineering curiosity, there was a question that had been on our minds for a long time; To energize the fertilizer group with organic BIOSTIMULANT feature with an electrical charge in the magnetic field. This is an effect that will increase the mobility of each of the fertilizer grains by giving an electrical power. When applied to the soil, this electrically charged fertilizer will have the ability to give a direct electrical signal to the plant. An interesting it will be an innovation work for us. Process line drawings for this loading have been completed and we are at the manufacturing stage for electrical loading.

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