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supported Agricultural Collaboration


Scheffer Gubre Magazlari has adopted an understanding that is on the side of its manufacturer in the vision of field practice, experience-based, kneaded knowledge base, technical mind and theoretical approach. It is the first step of establishing a team that aims not to grow by investing in information in the regions where organic contact is established with our stores.

What Do We Offer?

To sell our innovation products that we produce, you can open your own store to establish. this magaza with leadership by spreading Scheffer fertilization programs to the entire field give direction to the future. Each  by making the store a part of the information network to establish information flow coordination throughout the country. 

Magaza agimiza katilin...

Hedef Seciniz :

Basvuru icin tesekkurler, en kisa surede sizin ile temasa gecilecektir!

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