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Filtration, Purification, Homogenization and Grafting

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1. Mixing Technology
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Before going into production, Scheffer goes through a standard purification process for every liquid raw material that comes to the factory. Solid compounds that may be in the product are removed and filtered to obtain a homogeneous solution. While this obtained solution becomes more fluid with additions, the content data is increased by hydrolysis.


Scheffer Controlled Dissolution & Grafting Process

Liquid fertilizer uproductionThe  line is the first start of the process for us. Mixes High to pressure under and High in cycles closed reactors start too. high It ensures that the pressure and high speed fertilizer components are transformed into a homogeneous solution without any problems.

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The products that have finished the mixing process are transferred to the resting tank with a slower cycle. Here, the temperature can be increased according to the need, and it can be subjected to the improvement process. Liquid After the solution has cooled, a long-term inoculation process is carried out in micronized form with bacteria inoculation units under high pressure. Product with 100% homogeneous grafting enriched  it happens. In the grafting process, with internal pressure tanks in the nutrient medium for bacteria product is reinforced.


The product transferred to the filling unit activates the dosing unit, which works in parallel with the system, and scheffer mix special actives are put into the products in a packaging and packaging homogeneous way during each filling process. And it is packed in an airtight way.

" Mixing of some actives is very problematic. High pressure and high temperature cause instability in the production process. Scheffer has succeeded in overcoming these problems with the processes it has established in the production of its products and has brought together the first possible assets. We tried the products made with this gain and got useful results beyond our dreams. We have presented this success made with technology to you. "


Generating Liquid from Gas Form                                                                                                                            

The chemicals are slowly added to the reactor and the reactors are closed. The production process is started with the reactor prepared for 8 Bar pressure. Although new additions that increase reaction from outside to inside do not seem possible due to the high pressure formed in the reactors, these actives are sent inside with High pressure pumps built on the tank. While the temperature in the reactor reaches 110-120 degrees and the pressure value rises above 8 bar, the 3-ton expansion tank becomes active and takes some of the tank stress. As this Process continues, the product continues to mix at High speed. The product instability starts to stabilize after about 4-5 hours and after 5 hours a stable product is formed. After resting for 1 day, the product is transferred to the filling unit with specially designed filling dosing.

Scheffer Closed Production

Liquid solutions to be used in production are transferred to closed tanks from outside at high pressure. High-speed blades rotating with closed-circuit pressure quickly disperse each interference. In this way, the Fertilizer Solution is exposed to a rapid and homogenized mixture.


Scheffer Pressure Blades

Pipe wave breakers made from the highest point to the lowest point in the production reactors are drawn with fine scratches. In full tank production, high pressure is applied to these wave breakers and air blades are thrown into the fertilizer solution. This process cuts the fertilizer mass asymmetrically within itself. A double effect is applied with the freezing blades. 

Scheffer Nano Shredder

After the production process of the products in the Liquid Production line is finished, nano grinders  is directed. After the particles present in the content reach the nano size, the packaging stage is started.

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