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Micronized Sizing, Stimulant  & Fattening to the environment  with Germ Coating and to use Gore Microcoding


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Sizing in powder products that will enter production is essential. While this ensures homogeneity in the product, it increases the surface area and increases the resolution even more. This ensures that the powder product placed in the water during the application creates a homogeneous solution and falls actively on the plant head at the right rate. At the same time, it is ensured that the stimulants are homogeneous on the basis of ppm, even in large amounts of powder mixture. This is subtle technology. Touching every particle of dust with technology and capturing kodalam technology will open your horizons and provide product chemistry beyond your estimations.


2.a Micronized Grinding

The most important of the powder fertilizer production handicaps is the molecular weights and dimensions of the ​powder to be mixed. This situation is very effective in two processes. 

* Homogenization ; While the homogeneity in the mixture is disrupted and heavy molecular powders stay at the bottom, light molecular powders stay on top.  As the mixture is not fully homogenized, it is very difficult to achieve this homogeneity when packaged.


** Viscosity ; The solubility rates of crystal and powder molecules of different structures and their insoluble amounts in water are different. This is that there may be insoluble nutrients in the tank or homogeneous spraying may be a problem, even if we do not realize it in field use.

In order to eliminate this problem, Scheffer transfers the products to the crushing bunker as the first step in our own closed circuit production line. It makes dosing into a very powerful system of 35Kw with time-adjusted feeding. We did not grind the system is a little out of the usual order. It grinds at nano-size without moistening it in a large chamber on a very large disc. With a high pressure of 7 minutes, this line is supported.

2.b Transfer


The ground grains are transported to a 5m high silo with a 15m line and sent to the pressure mixer from there. The high pressure stress that occurs in the line is taken by the Scheffer self-developed method and the transfer efficiency is kept around 98%.

2.c Mixing Unit

Scheffer made a different choice in the mixing process and preferred a different structure than normal for the pressure and internal system. Thanks to this structure, it has the opportunity to squeeze the POWDER with LIQUID at high pressure.

2.c Active Coating

Scheffer turns the active mixture solution taken from the 8 bar pressure vessels on the unit into cold vapor, with an thrust force of 8-10 bar, and gives it to the tank where the mixture is made. This lighter-than-air vapor adheres to each airborne particle in the mixing process. At the end of a period of 30 minutes, all of the particles are covered with this active solution.


In solution;


* Bacterial strains with nutrient media

* Enzyme Groups

* Salat elements

* Anti fungal enteric oils

* Vitamin Groups

* And many others are added.

Scheffer Alternative Powder Mixture

Organic powders  (usually those with biostimulant characteristics) cause problems such as watering, hardening, adhesion and production loss in flat mixers. At this point, Scheffer produces homogeneous biostimulants with a Y type mixer with the possibility of mixing at low speeds for a long time.

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