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Enzyme production by aerobic and anaerobic respiration


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Scheffer Liquid Raw Material - EXAMIN 

Scheffer's own filtration process comes to the factory on a tanker basis.freckle It takes the waste liquid products to the processing silos and waits for 1 day. It then transfers it to filtration systems. In this 2-stage filtration, the first phase is taken and thrown back to the stock silos. In the second phase, the product is taken from this stock silo and sent to a more detailed filtration unit. The liquid product coming out of here is now ready as raw material to be used in production.content It contains natural amino acids and actives. In terms of microorganismsA lot he is rich.

Scheffer NANO Gel - MASSIVE

Scheffer, first phaseinstant productto reactors transfers and here at high pressurenatural subjects  to processing with assets. Physicalfeatures The cured product is transferred to nano-grinders and stored in SC form. Suspension with very rich content and vitality is obtained. It is a very valuable agricultural input and the field effect time is very fast.

Scheffer Hormone - ACTİWIX

Scheffer, the product from the second phase can be enriched with a creamy texture. This cream is used to bring together active hormone groups. In addition to the natural actives in its essence, it is vacuumed together with heat treatment in special mixers in hormone groups with heat treatments and on the one hand at high speed fragmented and mixed horizontally on one side.

Scheffer Deep Carrier - GERULA

Scheffer hydrolyzes the waste or waste fruits and offers them as biomass after the fermentation process. Massive is the product enriched in this production process. It is used to transport macro & micro elements, drug actives or bacterial groups with which it is applied in the soil. Its penetration deep into the soil is tens of times more than a normal water application.  

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